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Summer School

Summer School is offered through Mt. Diablo Unified School District 

  • Students are able to enroll in up to 10 credits (2 semester classes) for credit remediation/grade improvement 
  • Students are only eligible if they received a D or F in a class
  • Please reach out to your Academic Counselor with questions

Credit Remediation

On Campus Remediation

Cyber High

  • Computer-based course remediation program
  • Designed for students who work well independently
  • Courses may be retaken in order to meet graduation requirements, college entrance requirements, or both; NOT for original credit
  • Enrolled students must attend their Cyber High class each school day
  • Students are expected to finish 5 credits per semester -  Students who do not finish by the semester deadline may be dropped from the course
  • Once students finish coursework and quizzes, there is a unit test (5 unit tests total per semester class)
  • Priority enrollment is offered to seniors
  • The composite score of the five unit tests are combined to make the final class grade

Classes offered with a-g approval
English I, English II, English III, English IV
World History
U.S. History
Algebra I
Algebra 2
American Government

Classes offered for GRADUATION ONLY (NOT a-g approved)
Environmental Science 
Physical Science 

Courses that can be taken to make-up elective credits
Career Exploration
Health Education
American Sign Language 1 and 2

Off Campus Remediation

Loma Vista Night School

  • Loma Vista Night School is held after school two nights a week from 3:45 pm – 6 p.m
  • Classes are available to Juniors and Seniors
  • Classes may be dropped for insufficient enrollment
  • Students will be dropped if they do not attend class

Community College or Online a-g Approved Courses

  • Students may retake the course through online schools or through other college-approved means (ex. DVC, APEX Virtual School, Silicon Valley High, BYU Online School) 
  • Students must complete a Concurrent Enrollment Form to receive high school credit for the course
  • Please see your Academic Counselor to discuss this option