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Community College - Diablo Valley College

If you are interested in attending Diablo Valley College after high school, you should attend the Information Session on February 19th at 2pm in the Lecture Hall at Northgate.  Sign up with Ms. Proznick to reserve your seat.    

What's Next?

For more information regarding your post-secondary options, please check-out our College and Career Center website or schedule a meeting with our College and Career Advisor, Ms. Proznick.

College Information

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College Application Documents

Counselors are responsible for:

  • Sending transcripts (9th-11th grade, 1st semester senior year, and final) 
  • Counselor letter of recommendation (if required)
  • Secondary School Report (if required)
  • Mid-Year Report (if required)
  • Final Report (if required)

Students are responsible for:

  • Adding all colleges to Naviance Colleges I'm Applying to List - this is required for counselors to send any documents!
  • Completing the Personal Data Form in Naviance and/or Counselor Recommendation Form, if required, at least 2 weeks in advance
  • Requesting SAT/ACT scores for each college via CollegeBoard or ACT
  • Submitting your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)
  • Completing college applications on time!
Letters of Recommendation

If you are applying to college, a summer program, or scholarship, you may be asked to provide one or more Letters of Recommendation.  There are a few things to consider before asking for a Letter of Recommendation:    

  • For college applications, please check each college admissions website to verify that a Letter of Recommendation is required or recommended, how many, who should write the letter, and the deadline 
  • California State Universities (CSUs) and University of California (UCs) DO NOT require a Letter of Recommendation (If a supplemental application is required for your intended major at one of these universities, you may be asked for a Letter of Recommendation

If you do need a Letter of Recommendation, consider the following process:

  • Ask your teacher and/or counselor personally if they are able to write you a Letter of Recommendation
  • Keep in mind that you should ask them at least two weeks in advance, if not earlier, as they receive many requests throughout the school year
  • Complete the Personal Data Form in Naviance (Located in the About Me tab) and/or the Counselor Recommendation Form at least two weeks in advance.  In some cases, you may provide a resume. 
  • If the letter is for college admissions, submit a Letter of Recommendation request for your teacher and/or counselor in Naviance (Located in the Colleges tab)  
  • Letters of Recommendation for college admissions will be submitted through Naviance.  You must sign the FERPA waiver in Naviance before a teacher and/or counselor can upload their Letter of Recommendation!