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English Senior Project
The Senior Project is an opportunity to investigate something of interest to you. The project, which you will complete during the spring semester, consists of three parts: a paper that answers an academic question (or questions) about your project, a mentored project related to your paper, and an oral presentation to a panel of judges from the school and community.


If, for example, you are interested in sailing, your paper might investigate the aerodynamics of small sailboats, and your mentored project might be to learn how to sail a one-person sailboat. In addition to your English teacher, an adult mentor (or mentors) will assist you throughout your work on the project.

In establishing the Senior Project, the staff has the following goals:


1. To provide students with an academic culmination to their high school careers.

2. To allow each student to discover and investigate a subject of genuine interest.

3. To provide an authentic assessment tool for students to demonstrate mastery of the integrated skills of critical thinking, listening, speaking, writing, reading and calculating.

4. To promote self-esteem.

5. To encourage students to develop the academic self-reliance to continue education beyond high school.

6. To enhance senior class spirit by engaging students in a common academic challenge.

7. To improve the students’ education by increasing contact between the school and community.

The senior project work comprises approximately one-half of a student’s second semester English grade. However, a student who fails any of the three parts of the project (paper, mentored project or presentation) fails the second semester of English.


The project and presentation will take the place of the second semester English final.


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